What is a women? Some say it’s the most beautiful creation of god from a man’s ribcage or some say her as a companion for the lifetime. Today a women is independent enough to live their life on their own in this competitive world specially when we talk about cities which are now already called as metropolitan, earning their money and living their life with whomsoever they want to. They are casual enough to be in this competitive run. They soon have their own set of choices but what about the women living in the remote area who doesn’t even knows the meaning of Internet in this run. They are long enough to even know what this video all about. Yes, the video My Choice. In an metropolitan city women knows what is empowerment but in some villages women are still fighting for the smallest problems of their life and you talk about empowerment? Women are already empowered by the luxury they get in an metropolitan city whereas the women in the remote areas don’t even have the privilege to get her smallest right. I think this concept of my choice is a good concept is a good video but what is the need of this video if it doesn’t reaches to that small area without internet. Even if it reaches the crowd there it doesn’t matters because the language is English and as I mentioned above still they are fighting for their basic rights i.e lack of education. The videos don’t matter in the world where technology doesn’t exist. They die with the bills they get and the distance they walk to make sure that their family gets enough water to drink, but in the city like Mumbai, Delhi women doesn’t comes up from the smallest luxury they talk about women empowerment? In these cities a women is already empowered by the luxury they have with them specially the women shooting this video ‘Deepika Padukone’. Women have power which starts from their home and then to the world but what about a women who needs a basic proof that she is the resident of this country and has to stand in long line for a single Aadhar card registration. This video says all about empowerment for the women who are already empowered by the needs they want and the fulfilled luxury they want to show the world. This video is not about the face of the women but the freedom of women and for sure every mother cares for her child whenever she goes anywhere not because the girl is a women but a mother is mother who cares. It says whenever I can go to party and return till 4 am is ok it is my choice but I ask the actress that when she becomes a mother of a girl child will she allow the girl to go to the party which gets over at 4 am? Its not about the right or the insecurity of the girl but the care of a mother and her girl child.       

With people- Different moods and Culture

I stepped in the bus with along other 111 passengers on Wednesday a usual day where I experienced one part of life of people living in Bhiwandi differently. As it was night and the time was around 11:00 we got the bus and everyone was disturbed because they were standing for the previous 3 long hours. Someone came from work, or a function or from a heavy duty job, but a thing I observed amazed me and actually then was forced to write this article. That was a surrounding which created an atmosphere like everybody knew each other and where well known to each other. They didn’t know the names of each other but were talking like best friends. They commented in enthusiasm and in a joyful manner besides being tired and angry. I actually didn’t realize who were Hindu or a Muslim, Parsi or a Sikh at that time everyone were just one or the word that I can’t give them. People were enjoying talks with each other and the conductor, were freely talking, commenting, joking, and many other things. I was reading the book but suddenly kept it inside because of their talks and jokes. Suddenly the bus stopped at the half road (as u can’t handle a bus with 112 passengers). They started commenting on the driver. The comments were in Marathi that I understood, they were “The driver doesn’t wants to go back for the second round back to Thane” everyone laughed. After the bus started it was going quiet slow then the boy sitting said that “ Is there any ANTFEELING on the toes of the driver” others along with me laughed. Some were discussing their life events loudly and some were cracking jokes. They were unknowingly known to each other. That day I felt that relationship is not important, important is how you behave according to your mood and behavior. That day I learnt that every situation will bring you a different type of joy or experience in your life. But if what I would have not climbed that bus? I would have never known that precious event of my life and you would have not been reading this article. That day I was tired but was feeling enthusiastic with that people in the bus. that day I promised myself that I will keep smiling at every point of my life. An event that changed my life. That day I was PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN.